Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A New Toy

No, not another set of toy soldiers, but something rather more modern.

Much as I love my laptop, I've found from hard experience that it's just too heavy and bulky to haul about. So when I go to the library to spend some time in the research section, I'm reduced to taking notes with pen and paper, which I then have to transcribe when I get home.

Not any more. Yesterday this arrived:

I've wanted one for a while, but decided to wait until a six-cell battery (and hence much longer usable time away from mains power) was standard.

This isn't only useful for the library, of course. I'll also be able to use it when lurking in my favourite cafés. I see rather more café time in my future.


  1. I am so glad too, this means your book might get done faster :P

    -Joelene Gonzales

  2. Liz: thanks! I still can't get over how small it is - I almost want to give it a cuddle. :-)

    Jo: we can only hope :-) I did take it out to a cafe the other day, and did some writing while I was there, so we're off to a good start!