Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Faithful Hound

Among the accounts of human suffering I've come across while researching my current work-in-progress, I stumbled upon something rather different: this tale of a faithful dog.

From the Bay of Plenty Times, February 1917:

The story of the faithful devotion of a sheep dog comes from Whakatane. Two years ago the master of the animal left Whakatane for the front, leaving it to be cared for by friends. Every day since, the faithful beast has gone to meet the Opotiki coach in a vain search for his absent master. The daily journey of the dog is a source of great interest to the residents of the town and to visitors.

Unfortunately the master's name is not given, so I've been unable to search the records to find out whether or not he survived to return home. I'd like to think that he did, and to a rapturous welcome.

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