Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Kingston Flyer

As well as the steamship Earnslaw (which I wrote about here), the Lake Wakatipu region is also fortunate enough to have a fine old steam train, the Kingston Flyer. Last week I was fortunate enough to take a ride on the Flyer.

Getting up a head of steam ready to depart:

We decided to make the most of our outing, so travelled first class, which meant an elegant compartment all to the two of us, along with a delicious lunch.

Bounty of the region, with a scenic backdrop:

The author enjoying herself immensely:

And a small hint for what's to come: as with the Earnslaw, I fully expect the Kingston Flyer to make an appearance in a future book (although not the current work in progress). I hope my characters will enjoy the journey just as much as I did.

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