Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anzac Day

Anzac Day

Among the food dishes named in honour of a battle is the Anzac biscuit. It originated in the biscuits sent to overseas troops during the Great War; biscuits that needed to be fairly tough and long-keeping, but which would have been hugely welcome both as a reminder of home and as a variation in diet. After Gallipoli, these crisp oaty biscuits were renamed Anzac biscuits.

The recipe for this biscuit comes in many variations, but this one makes a tasty, chewy snack. I made a batch this week in honour of the day:

They didn't last long, which is usually a good sign.


  1. Mmmmm I LOVE anzac biscuits! I used to make these for my Grandad when he was alive, and he'd live off them for a week (reason to make the fullest fat version possible...)

    1. That's a nice memory to have of your grandad, Nicole.

      I hadn't made these in a while, and had forgotten how tasty they are! And rolled oats are so healthy. :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS. Your blog has been nominated for a Liebster Award!